Tuesday, December 23, 2003

P h i l o s o p h y O f S n o w

Today I wanna share more insights about the philosophy of snow. It has been a month since the winter had its way, so I am able to observe several effects.

The first bad thing about snow is that it melts. Until it melts everything is beautiful and divine, but melting, as Mr.Smith would put it "is not impossible. It is inevitable".

There are several bristly and beastly things which co-occur with the ceremony of melting. As you know from the first law of thermodynamics, if snow has to melt, it needs heat. And where does it get the heat from ? Us. damn. Us. It's already cold, and it makes us colder.

Secondly, the snow accumulates at several interesting places at an elevation from the ground. For example, over the shelters on the bus-stops, and the portico-like thingies outside the windows of highrise buildings. When the snow melts on the underneath (due to several reasons of heat-flow from the ground) the bottom layer gets transformed into a slimy slippery water foil. This triggers a minor avalanche to roll down onto the unsuspecting pedestrian, who consummates the phenomenon by making a foul oath. I never made the foul oath myself, but had the occasion to observe several unfortunate men/women make it.

One major reason why snow melts is because of friction. Yes, friction from the tyres of vehicles on the road. This happens even before the temperature gets any warmer. And this drives some interesting effects. The water thus obtained shall mix with the muddy dirty particles, (the sorta thingies you can notice on entities such as tyres) Then this mixture seeps into the textures of the snow, thus proselytising the pure whiteness into colors of grey, brown, black and other colors of the spectrum.

Now inspite of the smoothness of the roads, and the brilliancy of the drainage system, these muddy plateaus of snow stay glued onto the road. And yes, when a vehicle rushes by in top-speed, it leaves the unsuspecting pedestrian with a highly enjoyable spray of filth. Thus the genre of unsuspecting pedestrians couldn't escape the predicament of their counterparts who live in places such as India.

As the snow melts, it calls the temperature to fall, which in turn causes it to solidify again. Now this cycle occurs several times and through the
process, the fluffy feathers of snow transform into sleet, icicles, white ice/brown ice and become as hard as stones.

On the day of deliverance, the sun shines warm enough to melt away the whole thing, and the meadows become green again, and cease to
resemble widows.

And all the kids would keep waiting for another snowfall, which doesnt keep them waiting for long.

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