Sunday, September 25, 2005

F a n g O f a W o l f

That is what my nickname means ! Did you guys know that ? Neither did I. Kiba is Japanese for exactly that.

More surprises await. There exists a popular Japanese anime which goes by the name Wolf's Rain.

Kiba is the hero of the story - he is a wolf who takes a human form and who finally finds paradise :-))

So you guys take note of that !!


Kiran (dhol) said...


mnssk said...

Thank me for giving you such a wonderful name !!

Kiba said...

Did u know that there is also a Naruto character that goes by that same name?! His name is Kiba Inuzuka and i think that hes awsome! Just like the kiba in wolfs rain! I love wolfs rain!
P.S. my nickname is Chou(butterfly)