Friday, October 07, 2005

B e s t O f G D I T 9 9

It is inevitable, perhaps.

Old friends fail to keep in touch.

They don't find anything worth talking about. That's what has happened in our batch. But nevertheleses, it is very sad.

We have formed a mailing list on Yahoo Groups (group by the way, is a word which gives it too much credit) Nothing seems to happen on the list. Technically, a mailing list is for people who have a common agenda and who want to keep update with the latest trends of something. For example, a software library or an event or a research area. But this cannot serve the purpose of keeping old friends in touch !! (See my previous post.)

I have got the idea from a website that has been built by Ravikiran. The website was an archive of bakra emails. We have to have something similar to this, but something which is alive. So I have started Best of GDIT 99. Something which functions as a nostalgia diary. Anytime a person is hit by nostalgia, he can visit this blog, rejoice, and may be even inspired to contribute.

What do old friends have - except for fond memories ? If they cannot remember them, the friendship is as good as dead !

If you are from GDIT99, please become a member of the list. You can contact me, ravikiran, dhol or santhosh (the admins currently) Enjoy the posts ! Also, please post comments. As Rajan says, a blog has limitations in functioning as a medium of conversation. But atleast let's make use of the comments !!

You are also welcome to create new posts. They need not be mind blowing. They can be

  • simple memories of funny incidants that happened in the B.Tech days
  • funny/bakra emails that you have sent/received
  • photographs (I hope that soon there will be a lot of them ! Currently, there are none)
  • tales of reunions with old friends
  • funny incidants that happened to you after you have left IIIT

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Rajan said...

Ya there is no harm in trying, there are blogs where I have seen ~150 comments pour in.