Tuesday, December 06, 2005

O w l (55 words)

"Ouch", Diya screamed. The owl glared at her, camouflaged under the soiled clothes that dotted the place.

"Sorry", smiled Maya, standing beautiful, in violent contrast to her room.

"He is usually harmless, but not today"

"Why ?"

"On the day I have sex here, I keep him starved"

"..Did it ever .. ", Diya stopped wide-eyed, " Bitch !"


Kiran said...

I read lots of 55 word stories, and wanted to write one myself ! Hope it isn't too bad.

Sorry, I won't be telling you if they're lesbians or not :)

Kiran (dhol) said...

leave aside the story..
how do u manage to write it in exactly 55 words !!
I mean..how do you frame such things ??

Kiran said...

hehe :) dhol. I edited the story carefully to fit into 55 words ra !! what else to do.

Kiran (dhol) said...

yeah..thats there..:-)

Lord of all Things said...

hehe gud one..!!!

mnssk said...

awesome dude.. i fkin understood it so late :))