Monday, January 09, 2006

K i n g K o n g M y s t e r y

Well. This is a question mark on the minds of thousands.. err millions .. err zillions of movie-going public.

How could he do it ?

That is Mr. Kong, how could he do it ? You know, it, to Miss Ann Darrow !

The answer, my friends, is in the director's cut which is not yet released !

(The lovely Annie is doing some gymnastics in order to excite Mr. Kong. He is putting on his normal grumpy face. When suddenly Annie stops)

"Oohh Mr. Kong ? What is it ??? Is it your schlong ? "

(The mighty ape grunts softly emitting a very-human-like sound) "Yes"

Annie rolls her eyes and jumps into the mighty palm of Kong in a sexual fever.

"Isn't it beautiful ?"
(From here on, the scene is available in the normal cut of the movie)

Mr. Kong grunts again in a very-human-like sound "Yes"

And then, my dear friend, they both did it :)

Because ...

The mightiest Kong
Has the tiniest schlong !

PS : Ooohh ! I love you Annie !! :)) err.. Naomi Watts.. err.. whatever..

1 comment:

KoPoS said...

Now, that explains his fetish for human women! :)

And for their (non)existent s3xlife :))