Tuesday, February 28, 2006

G o d O n R a d i o

Once I believed in friends
And love and hope and wonder
Once I believed in dreams
Of magic sea and thunder

Until I met ennui
Until I knew The Vacant
There's nothing - It's just me
There's no one - I'm just me

Off to your clanking glasses
Off to your jarring laughs
Off you fleeting apparitions
You never will save me

And talking is a transaction
It's stupid to keep on trying
And life is but a game
But I don't feel like playing

There's a rhythm on the radio
Soft and old, undying
Yes, life is just this beat
You let it keep on playing

I come here to my wintry forest
Where death smiles and lies waiting
I see the ice, I see dark barrens
But the tune in my ear keeps ringing


mnssk said...

awesome stuff dood. loved it.

Kiran said...

Thanks buddy ! The tune on my mind when I wrote this - "Columbia" by Oasis (-: