Saturday, March 18, 2006

L e J a r d i n

The world is a garden
Loved by some
Loathed by some
Ignored by the rest of them


Sukesh Kumar said...

so who are the best ones???

Kiran said...

This is a philosophy that Manask and me developed in our 2nd years.

People in the garden are divided into

1) Racers - who ride in swift cars with windows pulled down. They are in quest of some fantastic place in the garden. They don't care about anything else.

2) Fighters - who draw a circle on the garden and announce that it is their personal property. They pick fights with anybody who trespasses (typically, another fighter)

3) Idlers - who sit under a tree. And declare that it is the best place in the garden. They make friends only with idlers who sit under the same tree

4) Whiners - who get injured by stepping onto a thorn bush. They declare that the entire garden is filled with thorns. Typically they sit on top of a thorn bush and refuse to move anywhere else, fearing it will get worse.

5) Walkers - who walk around the garden slowly. They don't stop anywhere and they don't rush anywhere. Sometimes, they get hurt by thorns but they keep on walking.

Manask and me observed that we were walkers. And we still are walkers.

Are you a walker ?

mnssk said...

dooood! awesome !!!:) the way you wrote it in four lines .. awesome..reminded me of those good old days when we used to :walk: around the campus ..