Saturday, December 18, 2004

L o l i t a C i r c u s

Hmm.. Today I got so bloody bored with no one in the lab (everybody off to attend a conference) so I did the craziest thing possible - reading the lyrics of Christina Aguillera, Britney Spears and the like.

Come on.. Can you think of anything worse than that !! But yeah, I came back alive and unscathed.

And here is my response ;)

L o l i t a C i r c u s

Yeah.. My sugar pie
There is a rattle snake in your apple pie
When you look like a bimbo and you say
It's late O' darling ooh ooh ah aah

You walk like a flamingo
When all the guys say bingo
You are ripe down to the seeds
Swing like a flower and go, red dahlia

Baby, you twitter like a baby
Smells like a daisy, chweet baby
Not tonight, sometime may be
Sing and play little barbie, tra la laa laa

Won't you worry about the TV
Won't you worry about your lipstick
Girls like you on the TV
They talk like little beetles, and then they say 'oh yeah'

How gross is this chorus
Sirens in a big circus
Laughing and gaffing, and swaying their hips
Sick and wicked, and wrinkles and sin

Cut it, my lolita
Cuz you swing like a flower but sting like a mamba
Let go my liberty and lock up your puberty
You can have my love, and I will have a lemon tea

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