Friday, December 17, 2004

S o n g O f M o s e s

Do you remember those nights when you wouldn't get sleep. But loads of images keep running through your eyes with no effort, and seemingly without any end.

I wanted to convey this emotion. So this is what I came up with. Take a look :) and see how awful it is.
This is the first poem I have in this blog I guess !

S o n g O f M o s e s

I walk on, these runes on the sand
As he melts down, the sun on this land
Sad ocean, sits trembling and beyond
I wait here, like stones on the ground

My mother is a queen, she left me to the sea
Borne by the weeds, I am chained but never free
What is love, and what is pure honesty
Is there a name for true empathy

The time, it's never so ripe
So I turn to the sky
To wipe my life, and its pain
But so vain am I, to sigh
I bow to the vast grainy sand
And to the long night, now high

And then I lay still, and wide awake
So very still, and so wide awake

I stroll through forests and rip thorough torrents
I leap through tempests and swipe down currents
So very stil, and so wide awake
So very still, and so wide awake

I taste lightning and the brushwood burning
Grievances so narrow and penances of sorrow

Symphonies in color and dubieties in sake
So very still and so wide awake
So I am the lord, So I am the serf
Self is else, and else is self

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