Thursday, September 14, 2006

P s e u d o P r o b l e m s O f I n d i a

What is the real problem of India ? Every aspiring intellectual charlatan claims to know the answer.

Qorruption : This is the favorite answer from the film industry. Everyone likes to believe that qorruption is the root cause of all misery and poverty. Blame the politicians. Blame the police. Blame the government. But in the end, this leads us nowhere. Qorruption is a part and parcel of the package of homosapiens. It is human nature to look for shortcuts to earn wealth. When we face poverty, we should not blame qorruption, but blame the vulnerability of our economic system. Qorruption is like carbon dioxide, it does not become an evil until it gets out of control. And when it gets out of control, it happens due to a deeper reason.

Qleanliness : Or rather qleanlessness. Homecoming NRI princes complain about the filthy habits of the Indian crowds. About dust clouds hanging over the cities, sewer spilling onto the roads, gaudy newsprint adorning the walls, and backyards reeking of garbage stink. Since qleanliness is next to godliness, qleanlessness should be next only to dastardliness. But before you equate Indians with the scum of the earth, you should realize that this is an extremely racist argument. Qleanliness has been used throughout the history to justify racial hatred - it has been used by the Nazis against the Jews, it has been used by the Brahmins against the Pariahs, and it has been used by Jews against the Arabs. Qleanliness is like body temperature, it is the symptom rather than the real cause of the sickness.

Qultural Degradation : This is the most dangerous of all the pseudo problems. Because it not only diverts attention away from the real problem, but it also creates aversion to the real cure. It is not the fault of the masses that the cultural values are eroding, but the fault of the self appointed cultural vangaurd. Any kind of philosophy loses its value when it doesn't come to terms with science and technology. In today's world, we need to read and recompose the Upanishads after studying physics and biology, not after studying vedas and brahmanas. In today's world we need to learn and perform classical music with electrical and electronic instruments. If we fail to do so, qulture will inevitably degrade. Qulture has meaning only in motion, only in change.

So what is the real problem of India ?
Here is the answer. In one word. Feudalism.

India never had an industrial revolution. Its society is still suffering from the vestiges of a bygone era. An era which ended by 1700 in Europe. No, these are not vestiges, but living and thriving bacteria. They are called the Qaste system and the Quota System. As long as these survive, India will never see a true capitalist democracy.

Qommunists - Phenomenal Idiots : I have respect for Marx and his treatise on capitalism. I have respect for the selflessness of some people who believe in the ideals of the Qommunist party. But I believe the Qommunist movement hijacked a more necessary revolution before it has even begun. In Europe, this revolution was called the capitalist revolution, or the age of enlightenment.

Marx mentions that a society progresses through several stages depending on the economical control of the means of production. Hunting-Gathering to Pastoral to Feudal to Capitalist to Communist. This order is inevitable and all these stages are necessary. Particularly, Feudalism can be destroyed only by Capitalism, and this happens through the industrial revolution.

Marx urges communists to fight along with capitalists to eradicate feudalism. Because until the advent and maturity of capitalism, communism has no meaning.

However, Marx has overseen an important and necessary ingredient in industrial/capitalist revolution - colonization. This was his biggest mistake. I discussed this issue here.

Colonies are necessary for the industrial revolution to occur, and not the other way round. Lenin in his extention to the Marxist theory, made exactly the above mistake. He said that colonies are necessary for capitalism to continue and survive. He made no mention about how they are necessary for the advent of industrial revolution. This argument had been needed for supporting the Russian Red Revolution. But even to this day, Qommunists religiously believe in this nonsense. Doing so, they go against the very ideas of Marx.

They claim that MNCs are the post-imperialistic equivalent of the East India company. They fight against any pro-business deal saying that it is anti-societal. They try to bring in job security when there are no jobs to begin with. They claim that industrial revolution can happen through state-based control (going against all evidence of the great-leaps forward of qommunist countries, which have ended in disastrous failures).

Who are the qommunists helping in doing all this ?
They are not helping the society, they are not helping the workers.

They are helping the wicked old witch of feudalism who refuses to die. They are stifling the throat of capitalism before it becomes strong enough to fight the ills of feudalism.

If Qommunists have their way, we will never see an age of enlightenment in India. Neither will we see an end of poverty. But I do believe that communists (not qommunists) have a role to play in the development process. They have to ensure that the promises of capitalism are kept intact - increase of jobs, increase of literacy and increase of opportunities.

So my dear friends, remember these slogans lest the qommunists hijack them. These slogans belong to the age of Indian Capitalist Awakening.

Kill Qaste System. Quit India.
Kill Quota System. Quit India.
Kill Feudalism. Quit India.


Kiran said...

I do not have to be a prodigy in economics to point out this simple fact. The sectors in India which badly need investment are (1) food processing, because we are primarily an agricultural economy now, and this industry will increase exports (2) public health and cleanlinenss, including muncipal cleanliness (3) primary education (4) public transport. The important thing is these sectors have very thin profit margins if high quality has to be maintained.

Keeping these under government control will be inviting corruption. Privatizing them will lower the salaries of the workers drastically, with no great increase in quality.

We need private persons operating on these areas on a competitive basis and government monitoring through quality standards.

The ideal investors for these sectors are people who will be happy with tiny profits, and who will invest for another reason - for example, patriotism. Who are these candidates ? NRIs.

It is really sad that the NRIs are investing primarily in Indian real estate. This helps nothing for the industrialization of India.

People should take a cue from and how it is operating a philanthropic fund on a profit basis. We need a great knowledge resource for helping NRIs in setting up investments - let's say Hitchhiker's guide to investment in India where hitchhiker means a person who hitched a ride to outside India - NRI.

This knowledge resource can be maintained by NGOs, especially the ones which are listed in MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY

When efforts proceed in this direction, people like me can stay at peace and work in what we really like - for example, computer graphics and optimization theory for me.

Otherwise it is hard for me to concentrate when there is so much of misery, poverty and stupidity around in the world.

chittoor.S.Murugeshan said...

Hi.. I am Chittoor.S.Murugeshan, aged 40 , a Working journalist, editor of Indian political close up- Telugu fortnightly. I am giving you the copy of my mail to Sri.Parves Musharaffji, Honble.President of Pakisthan. Please go through it. It may help you to judge my way of thinking.
I had born on 7/8/67 . I love Islam -pray Insha Allah always. I hate the rivalry between India and Pakisthan. It is a plot by western countries that too of USA. I had suggested our leaders and MPs through emails to hand over the Kashmir under the controle of India to UNO . In the same way I had suggested to pressure you to do so . (handing over the Kashmir at ur control to UNO. It is just a sample for my revolutionary thinking for New world/New Asia.
From 1986 I am thinking about a new world in which all the people will be with hardy body-windy mind-holy soul. To achieve it at world level USA has to stop all of its production of weapons, provoking wars , intruding in the local issues of world countries. To realize my ambition I had drafted a fine plan to resolve all the problems of India by which the government can gear up for hardy body-windy mind-holy soul. I had named it Operation India 2000. The main goal of the plan is to make India prosperous. Why because poverty is the main cause for many problems in India and pak.

I was an ordinary youth before 1986. Only with the help of Sri.Hanuman I was able to draft a fin,e plan to reestablish Ramrajya in, In,dia
A noted Rajayogi of Andhra Pradesh, south In,dia had wrote a devin,e book on palm leaves. It is Kalagnan (knowledge about Time) . It says that only 1/7 th of the world will survive after 1009 March. The fore castin,gs in, that book were came true in, past. Yet I work /advocate for the HARDY BODY-WIN,DY MIN,D-HOLY SOUL
I am just 40 years .Male/Asian /In,dian/Tami lion/residin,g at AP/Chittoor. From 1986 I am thin,kin,g about a new world in, which all the people will be with hardy body-win,dy min,d-holy soul. To achieve it at world level USA has to stop all of its production of weapons, provokin,g wars , in,trudin,g in, the local issues of world countries. To realize my ambition I had drafted a fin,e plan to resolve all the problems of In,dia by which the government can gear up for hardy body-win,dy min,d-holy soul. I had named it Operation In,dia 2000. The main, goal of the plan is to make In,dia prosperous. Why because poverty is the main, cause for many problems in, In,dia .

For the prosperity of In,dia it must employ all of its stuff in, agricultural production. As In,dia is very suitable country for agricultural sector and already 70% of the population is dependin,g upon agriculture. The main, challenge to agriculture is floods in, north and drought in, south. So I had concluded that the In,dian rivers must be lin,ked first. There are 10 crore unemployed youth bein,g wastin,g their energy in, masturbation, sex, homo sex ,eve teasin,g crimes, terrorism ,politics and all. So I had thought to use the stuff in, youth in, lin,kin,g In,dian rivers. So that I had recommended in, my plan to form a special army with 10 crore unemployed youth to lin,k all In,dian rivers.

Already there are 1000s of land lords rulin,g villages and runnin,g parallel governments. If rivers are lin,ked they will become more prosperous and become the local dons. So to balance the distribution of the factors of production among two classes and to give an opportunity to the weaker section to take active part in, production and share in, national in,come I had suggested the In,dian government to undertake all agricultural lands. As there is no economical resources the government can issue compensation in, shape of bonds payable in, double after five years. Then the government has to implement co-operative farmin,g. The farmers/land lords all must become the members of Local Agriculturists unions and under take farmin,g with the co-operation and supervision of the state and central governments.

The cooperative farmin,g will enable the society to have latest technologies, crop-in,surances, world wide marketin,g etc. But before it the black money prevailin,g in, the country must be rooted out . For this I had suggested the government to ban present currency and in,troduce new one. The people who have old currency can be in,structed to have the new by handover old currencies with documents showin,g that they are out of illegal in,comes.

To implement all the above revolutionary changes there must be a stable government and an admin,istrated entitled with full powers. For this I had suggested presidential form of government. To implement all these economical resources are vital. To mobilize resources I had enclosed Economy packages 1,2,3,4,( to enable the state governments to improve their revenue with out exploitin,g the public and to min,imize their admin,istrative expenditure) Tirumala vision 1900( to enable the admin,istrative bodies in, pilgrim me centers to min,imize their admn expenditure and to improve their revenue with out disturbin,g the sentiments of devotees) A special package for Government transport corporations etc.

I had suggested to handover Kashmir under the control of In,dia to UNO and to pressure Pak also to hand over pak occupied Kashmir to UNO. By this In,dia can divert funds from defense budge to the project of Lin,kin,g In,dian rivers. I had also suggest do try the same formula with chin,a also. By this In,dia will become prosperous and it can gear up for the hardy body-win,dy min,d-holy soul of In,dians.

For the communication and implementation of the above plan I am workin,g hard from November of 1997 itself. I am approachin,g the Speaker of loksabha to communicate my plan to all MPs. I had sent 200 copies of my plan and requested him to arrange for the distribution of my plan papers to MPs. But in,vain,. At last I had sent Rs.50/- towards postage to return plan papers through postal order and requested to return the plan and enable me to disburse them in, person . Yet they hadn’t returned.

In, the same way I was communicatin,g my plan to the CM s of Tamil Nadu and Andhra. The CM of AP N.Chandrababu naidu had wrote a letter and promised for the appropriate usage of my *suggestions. But the present CM of State hadn’t responded in, spite of 1000s of remin,ders/10 days hunger strike etc.

Recently I had complain,ed to State In,formation commission (10th of July 2006)..I thin,k it may deliver its judgment with in, days.

I had mailed my plan to each and every MP of Loksabha and Rajyasabha and also to the all CMs of In,dian states. But only one MP Sri Suresh prabhu MP of Rajapur constituency(shivsena) of Maharashtra and the government of kerala had responded in, favour.

Even the in,tellectuals and also the ordin,ary people also neglectin,g my action plan. Still I am confidant that on a day or another my plan will be applied and In,dia will become prosperous. Then only all In,dians can attain, hardy body-win,dy min,d-holy soul.

(Peruse for the post of online reporter /Translator)

Name: S.Murugeshan
Father: Late M.Sundaresan DTO
Date of birth: 07-08-1967

Address for communication:
#9-333,Vanniyar block,
Chittoor-A.P-1(South India)
Mail :

Acadamic Qualification: (Percentage of marks)

1.SSC(Tamil Medium): 72%
(English Medium) 50%
3.First 2 years of Bcom(Bachelor of Commerce)
(English Medium): 35%

Technical Qualifications:

Type writing English Lower: Failed
Command in: MS office,Internet Browzing

Languages Known: Telugu,Hindi,English,urdu

Story –Poetry writer
First Story published in Bagya(Editor-K.Bagyaraj/Tamil cinie Director
Many works published in Devi,Kalki,Vasuki,Aroodam,Anmeegam,Kavithacharan
Story –Poetry writer -Reporter
Many works published in Adhivaram Andhrajyothi,Kaliyuga naradha,broad casted in Cuddappa All India Radio
Reporter in Andhraprabha(Telugu National daily)
Essay published in Mystic India (English Magazine published from Delhi)

Passed Praveshika Examination Conducted by Dakshin Bharath Hindi Prachara sabha,Delhi
Worked as Hindi Teacher(Higher grade)
Viswam vidyanikethan,Doddapuram st,Tirupathi

Worked as:
1.Section writer in OAP under the controle of District Treasury officer
2.Checking inspector in pvt Transport Corporation, Shanmuga Transport corporation ,Chittoor-A.P
3.Sub Editor in Deiveekamaruthuvam at Vaniyambadi (T.N)

1.Participated in Elocution and Essay competition from primary school days it self.
2.Got gifts from Late .Krupananda variyar at his visit to Chittoor

Social Interest:
1.Participated in college union elections got 468 votes and defeated with a difference of 3 votes,

2.Inter caste Marriage

3.Drafted fine plan for solving all the problems of India (operation India 2000). Even the Honble.Chief Minister of AP , Nara chandrababu Naidu had wrote a letter and promised for appropriate usage of the plan.

Dependents: Wife and 14 years female baby
(under gone family planning operation even before the delivery of the first child)

Kiran said...

Hi murugeshan
You are a nice combo - ideas on development along with a respect for kalagnanam :) Thanks for writing, but I found your comment a little weird, with your resume pasted and all that.

The linking up of rivers is an urgent project, this should have been finished off by Sir Arthur Cotton during the British Raj. It has become a tad late for us to work on this now. Anyway, goodluck with your politicking.