Tuesday, September 19, 2006

V i s i t T o T.D.P O f f i c e

I have decided to give the letter to Chandrababu Naidu gaaru, so today, I went to the NTR Bhavan in Jubilee Hills. I didn't have any decent clothes with me, so I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I didn't expect to meet Naidu, but was planning to give the letter to his secretary.

The TDP office was swarming with political leaders from all over the state, and I looked definitely the odd man out. I heard people murmuring "So it has finally come down to this. Kids getting into the office building wearing shorts !".

Then, I was shocked to know that if I intend to meet Naidu gaaru, my turn would be just at number 7. Growing up in IIIT and around Hitec City, I always had some awe about Naidu gaaru. Already tense, meeting him in shorts was out of the question. So I gave the letter to his P.A and rushed out of the place.

I hope Naidu gaaru will get to read it, atleast in a quick glance. In any case, I feel relieved now. And I will be getting back to my research work.


Santhosh said...

Hey thats brilliant. Way to go ra.
You should have met him you know!

btw, I thought you were in "Grenoble, FRance".. looking at "About Me" in the blog.

agastyabhrata said...

Goodness me! You took that politically incorrect (with the use of words like "stupid" et al) to the TDP Office to let C B Naidu read it!!

Kiran said...

Hi Pranav
"stupid' is politically correct. Maybe, I should have used much stronger words concerning the political situation now. Don't you think ? What is the word that comes to your mind w.r.t the KCR, Sarve, Lagadapati, Keshavrao etc episode ?

I am right now in Hyderabad. Writing my MS thesis. I will get back to France in October. I saw your vacation pics in florida. One day, I'll come there :)

agastyabhrata said...

Kiran, something that might interest you :D

Click here

Nitin R.K. said...

At Prithvi, it's pretty much the opposite for me. People wonder - why does he come to work in formals? Khandala se arela hai kya?