Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why should Indians care about Afghans ?

  1. Because the Sarod originated from the Afghan Rubab.
  2. Because Kabuliwala is one of the best stories penned by Tagore.
  3. Because Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Dileep Kumar, Sanjay Khan and Fardeen Khan are all born in Afghan immigrant families. 
  4. Because stalwart musician families such as those of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan have come from Afghanistan.
  5. Because Afghans have helped Netaji Subash Chandra Bose in his escape from the British, and in raising the Indian National Army.
  6. Because sculptures in Hindu temples owe to the Gandhara tradition of Afghans.
  7. Because Sher Shah Suri, the great reformer of India's administration, was an Afghan.
  8. Because Maulana Abul Kalaam Azad, who ended communal electorates and shaped India's  secularism, was born in an Afghan immigrant family.
  9. Because the Pathan brothers are the pride of India's cricket team.
  10. Because Bacha Khan  was a most loyal friend, and a brother in spirit, of Mahatma Gandhi.
There is a large amount of apathy amongst educated Indians about what's going on in Afghanistan and in the Pashtun provinces of Pakistan. Many people look upon this conflict in communal terms, as a problem of Islamists, which is very unfortunate. Innocent people are being murdered here by the fundamentalist Taliban, or by the Pakistani or American armies. Journalists, secular politicians and educated people are specifically being targeted. Afghan people are trapped in a nefarious network of religious extremists, drug mafia and geopolitical actors. 

Whatever aspirations that Afghans have about peace, democracy or prosperity are being crushed under the weight of this misfortune.  Indians need to be aware of this problem, and should stand in solidarity with the Afghan people. 


Gaurav said...

I agree, India has had many historical links with Afgans and regardless of what disarray they are in right now, we need to help them. The ones who are genuinely friendly. India is doing the right thing by building roads and infra in Afghanistan.

- Undercover indian

Ray Lightning said...

You are correct Gaurav. Indian government is working with the government of Afghanistan at a political-level. But there needs to be people-level contacts and understanding between Indian and Afghan peoples.

Kashmirviews said...
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Kashmirviews said...

I remember a debate with Ray Lighting on my previous posts where he categorically stated that freeing Kashmir would mean instigating other separatists movements or fomenting their cause elsewhere in India, Now I feel disgusted about him. If Tanvir is writing something and asking for any kind of response how come Ray intervene and dictate.

You might have major developmental programs in your mind, and you may feel bitten by what you say as 'conspiracy theories', but i just want to know that are those developmental programes viable in an atmosphere like we have in Kashmir.
Tanvir if you remember Omar's speech when he said he has never managed to assemble more than 40,000 people during his election gathering. He also reckoned pro-independence leaders' might when they managed to gather 10,00000 people in eidgah. The issue is Kashmir is a political problem and needs immediate re adressal which again needs sincerity on the part of Indian people and the state itself. Remember Mushraff had offered to pull back from Azad Kashmir in 2007 provided India follow suit. Remember there was no meddling from Pak side in recently held assemble elections...those were the bigest CBM's pak could offer India--but what did the latter do---almost nothing....
On the name of development do you think we can solve Kashmir issue.
Lates headline in GK and RK: "Unprovoked army firing kills three youth in Kashmir."
Now do people need justice here or multiplexes.
"Again the guilty, like always, will not be held accountable, because it will demoralise indian army and people in India...."


Tail ender: If you visit my blog, people like Ray will cal it claim to fame...

Ray Lightning said...


I don't understand how your comment is related to this post - which is about raising awareness and understanding in India about the plight of Afghans.

I also don't understand what you have against me. It probably has to do with a comment of mine on Tanveer's blog. I cannot reply if I have no clue what you are talking about.

By the way, I think of all Indians, Kashmiris should be the most worried about the developments in Pakistan. The Swat valley has ethnic, cultural and historical relations with the Kashmir valley. I haven't yet seen any Kashmiri blogger posting anything about this topic, or offering solidarity to these people. These brethern are also Muslims and are very close to your home too..

Kashmirviews said...

Hey Ray, there is something new for you in my fresh update. I hope it changes your perspective of looking at Kashmir.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ray,

You have got a great blog.Keep up the good work.