Monday, July 17, 2006

B e i r u t

From the world fact book, I have this information about Lebanon :

Muslim 59.7% (Shi'a, Sunni, Druze, Isma'ilite, Alawite or Nusayri),
Christian 39% (Maronite Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Melkite Catholic, Armenian Orthodox, Syrian Catholic, Armenian Catholic, Syrian Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Chaldean, Assyrian, Copt, Protestant),
Other 1.3%

This is possibly the only truly multiethnic country in the Middle East. This is a country which is capable of having a strong democracy, and making progress in science and culture, without getting distracted by religion, race or other issues.

Historically, Beirut has been one of the world's greatest cities. Along with Jerusalem and Cairo, it has been one of the cultural meetpoints. However unlike the other two - which have now been reduced to petty bastions of jingoistic dogma, Beirut still has the capability of fostering plurality.

But sadly, its neighbors won't let it make any progress. The Lebanese are being treated like a football by Syria, Iran and Israel. It is high time that the world's economical bulldogs (read USA and Europe) recognized the importance of a strong Lebanon (in terms of great universities, industries and military). This will serve a lot in defusing the tension out of middle east.

Instead of shamelessly bombing over Lebanon with its artillery, why does not Israel consider establishing industrial and educational partnerships ? The zionists should realize that this will help a lot in reducing civilian casualities in the Israeli mainland. Amongst all its neighbours, Israel can count only on Lebanon for being a true democracy. (But again, is Israel a democracy in the first place ? It could very well be called a Jewish theocracy)


ravishing nymph said...

you took some real pains.. or put some real time into making that "telugu" language post... kudos :)

mOby said...

hey kiba.. wats how.. howz ur french turning out ?

Kiran said...

Thanks for your kind words :)

Hi moby
Read the blue pill (I am trying out my French skilsl over here)

Kiran said...

Please read the voices from the conflict that BBC is reporting.

I have found this snippet from an Israeli person :

"What is happening is a great shame. Of our neighbours in the Arab countries, the Lebanese are the closest in mentality to Israel that I know. They have a Western outlook."

Whatever be the case, it is extremely disheartining to see how the Lebanese people are suffering currently. It is not only the 1000 people who are murdered, but also the entire population who are terrorized and the entire economy of the country which is in a dust heap currently. Lebanon does not deserve this.