Thursday, July 06, 2006

A l l e z - L e s - B l e u s

Yo !! La France is in the Finals. Ole, Ole Ole Finale !

It is so strange 'coz some people were afraid it will not make it past the first round. Remembering how they played against the south koreans !! hahaha :) It looks so distant now.

Zizou is god. I know the Italian defence is pretty strong. But again, zizou is god. And come on, everything is within reach for les bleus now.

Actually, I am pretty confused which team to support here because half the Grenobloise are Italian !! On the Italian quarter on the other side of the river, the sentiments will be running exactly in the opposite direction. :) It will be really fun to watch what goes on. I can't wait till Sunday.

It is so weird - nobody even bothers to notice that a French girl is about to win the wimbledon. It's football time now.

Yesterday, it was pure madness after France sealed off the victory. The bleu-blanc-rouge fluttering everywhere; youngsters dancing around fireworks; shirtless youths jumping into the fountain at centreville; girls jumping over the top of bus-shelters !!

One of my Italian friends told me before the match "France should get into the finals man. We need to lick them bad, and take revenge for the Eurocup defeat."

" You would be going to the Club Azure (Italian) to watch the match ? "

"No. I am going home (over to Turino - 1 hour from here) I will watch it from there. If Italy loses, I will just stay there. Forget my Masters, forget all my studies. No more coming back to France :) "

"haha haha "


Manoj said...

Hey Vakiba...

you think Marismo is a girl :)))
She looks bigger then you dude :D

where are you btw

Kiran said...

yeah I know ! she looks very ungirl (and very unfrench too) But when we get down to the basics she is one rite ? ;)

Vardhman said...

GG kiba, liked the comment as much as the post ;)

Well I would think France winning the cup would be good, as you would get to be part of great excitement there, probably lots of wines and champagne will be in action ;)

Kiran said...

what a crappy end to the world cup man :(( too sad that zizou let off his steam like that and got a red-card ! I am not feeling good about the italians either, they weren't fantastic. Sometimes, football can just be sad.