Wednesday, July 26, 2006

C h i t t í - C h i t t í - P a a p a l l á r á

My dad has a plain outlook about life. He has no great pretentions or grand theories, but only simple wisdom.

I am watching some war photographs on the BBC, and just get reminded of a song that he used to sing.

I still have memories of this tune - of him whistling in the mornings as everyone rushes to get ready for school (Both my parents are teachers). Sometimes, instead of whistling, he would sing it out.

Chittee chittee paapallárá
Bulli bullee poovullárá
Malli mallee navvandarrá
Navvuthoo bathakandarrá

It is a song that he has written a long time ago, before I was born. The song, ofcourse, cannot be translated into English. But what my dad was saying is this - Oh cute and tiny children, you are like flowers, keep laughing again and again, and live your life with those laughs.

Renu (my sister) had a special fondness for this song. She once sang this in a competition at school and she got a prize.

It goes further like this ... If you grope/fight about race and religion, life becomes a plant of ganjáyi (marijuana). If you say that humanism is your religion, then it is nicely a plant of thulasi (basil - medicinal and sacred)

Kulam mathamani đéburládithe
Bathukémó ganjaayi mokka
Maanavathvamé naa matham anté
Manchi gaa thulasi mokka

Chittí chittee paapallaará
Bulli bullee poovullaará
Malli mallee navvandarrá
Navvuthoo bathakandarrá

Renu, if you happen to see this, please tell me the rest of the lyrics.

My dad used to be a writer, but I never got to know this until I started going to college, when I accidantally discovered an old magazine with a story written by him. He has never impressed his ideas upon us. All I can remember was this simple song, that he used to sing often.

Thank you Nánná :)


renu said...

hey wow!! happy to see the song and think of it after a long gap. and also great to know that u still remember that i got a PRIZE :)
but unfortunately i dont have the exact lyrics with me now. i will recollect and will sure tell u! hey i love the song!! i feel sad that nanna is not singing it often these days.

Kiran said...

Hi Renu
Ofcourse I remember :) Why do you think I will forget ?

Hello Others
Please read the voices from the conflict that BBC is reporting.

I have found this snippet from an Israeli person :

"What is happening is a great shame. Of our neighbours in the Arab countries, the Lebanese are the closest in mentality to Israel that I know. They have a Western outlook."

Whatever be the case, it is extremely disheartining to see how the Lebanese people are suffering currently. It is not only the 1000 people who are murdered, but also the entire population who are terrorized and the entire economy of the country which is in a dust heap currently. Lebanon does not deserve this.

Nitin R.K. said...

Hi! Long time, no blog! Busy in France? Happy Independence Day!