Wednesday, November 08, 2006

D e d i c a t e d T o H y d e r a b a d

I am defending my Masters work in IIIT Hyderabad. It deals with matching planar patterns in perspective images.

After a long love-hate relationship, I am dedicated this work to the city of Hyderabad :)

Apart from obvious applications such as the reconstruction of architectural scenes, this work shall have implications towards the holy-grail problem of computer vision - take a clothed girl as input, produce a naked girl as output

So what is the state of the art ? As an insider, let me confess to you - we are already there !

The technology will be available within 15 years. Now you know exactly what Vision 2020 means !!

As a wise old man has said long before, science has a wicked male gaze. People thought he was talking about nuclear weapons etc. Nah, wrong. This is what he has actually meant. Free and juicy porn forever. (The first post on this blog discusses the horrors of this scenario in a poetic vein)

I am leaving to France to pursue a PhD on a related topic. Future generations of teenagers will look back upon me and my brethern as some kind of heroes, I think.


agastyabhrata said...

So Vision 2020 is to take the world back to the Stone Ages, huh?

People need not wear any clothes at all - as long as the weather permits - for - the question of privacy or private parts is lost, thanks to Computer Vision - the world goes a full circle, and here's how!

Anonymous said...

What an innovation... but why so long ... I had always fantasized Superman's X-ray vision ... but even superman's eye cant uncover the cloths in a picture :)

make it fast ... plzzz

Kiran said...

Hi Rakesh
Removing clothes is not as easy as it seems. There are several research problems that need to be solved before this can be done :)

Hi Pranav
There's a bob dylan song "times they're changing" Even though we don't like it, we have to update our senses of morality in order to survive in these times. Also read my post in a lighter vein :) I hope nobody is putting bad connotation to words such as vision 2020, compuer vision etc.