Sunday, November 12, 2006

M u r d e r e r O f M i n d

What was India doing when the fever of renaissance was gripping Europe ?

Listening to this lunatic. This person holds responsibility for the degeneration of Islam into mere puppetry.

One of the most evil persons to have ever walked on earth, he effectively killed the movement of Indian argumentative thought. I feel ashamed to see people glorifying him in current society.


agastyabhrata said...

I seriously beg to differ.

Having gone through the link that you have put to the "lunatic" - I do not think there can be any doubt about the quality of mind of Mujaddid.He seems to be one who has a clear idea of what Islam meant. Seers of the Upanishadic ages have all played down the role of logic and intellect in discovering the Ultimate Truth. That is one reason why - despite the presence of such a strong force as Charvaka Rishi - the order of Charvakas did not grow in India.

You seem to be jumping into conclusions when you say - this is the reason for "degeneration of Islam into mere puppetry". For one, I do not believe Islam has degenerated to puppetry.

Rational Discourse,Argumentation and Logic have their limitations. This is proved by expert logicians themselves. Be it Russell or Godel.

You think - the English Renaissance and the subsequent Industrial Revolution have done good to the world? The difference lies in the World-View.

As for your lament at the lack of Argumentative Thought - how can the slavery for almost 200 years be forgotten?

Kiran said...

I am a big fan of Islam. This is one reason I feel very sad that it has degenerated into puppetry. Whenever a question gets presented to a cleric, he seeks to interpret only the Quran, and does not present answers from his own wisdom which are open to debate. Islam has traditionally not been like this. It was the Mujaddid (sic) who sowed the seeds for this.

The occupation by the British is not the culprit for the lack of argumentative thought, in fact, it only helped Indian consciousness to grow. However, I do not support the colonization because it terribly weakened India economically.

About your argument on the limitations of human mind (not logic - which was what Godel said) , I am worried you are sounding extremely stupid. In fact, I have Russel on my side and not the other way around.

Charvakas are materialists, and they have nothing to do with my argument.

ALI said...
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Ray Lightning said...

Dear Agastyabhrata

Sometimes people see their mistakes after 10 years.
I would like to apologize for my rash post on this blog & also being rude to you then.

I have understood the limitations of 2-valued logic, first by studying the logic of Chatushkoti, which I blogged about here:

I also understood, fairly recently the western demonisation of Al Ghazali, as effectively argued by Prof. C.K.Raju.

Here he argues about how astronomy and calculus were forged into Europe, without acknowledging the Arabic and Indian sources. His other lectures and discourses (on his blog elaborate on the Islamic viewpoints on logic and (the metaphysical) continuum of time

Again, I apologize :) Hope I learn and improve my behaviour in the future.